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Spin at Signature Theatre, Reviewed

Say you’re a musical-theater writing duo trying to recover from the devastating failure of your first Broadway flop. What do you do? You write a musical about a former boy band star trying to recover from the devastating failure of his solo career. And like your new character, you realize it’s time to take a [...]

ToDo ToDay: Spin at Signature! DC Loves Dilla!

Once. Ghost. Kinky Boots.Adapting movies into musicals is pretty much a meme on Broadway these days. Tonight, Arlington’s Signature Theatre continues the trend, but instead of hopping on the bandwagon, the creative team is jumping on a plane to Seoul. The new musical Spin is based on the hit Korean film Speedy Scandal and produced in collaboration [...]

Why a “Best of 2010 So Far” List Is Far More Sexy than a “Best of 2010″ List

Best-of-the-year lists are built around the fallacy that the "year" still matters. YEARS ARE FOR OLD FARTS WHO LACK THE TECHNOLOGY TO TRACK THINGS MINUTE-BY-MINUTE ON TWITTER. I'll tell you this right now: I do not wish to see your Best Albums of 2010 list, because I know you will have spent lots of time [...]

Morning Arts Roundup

-The New York Times reviews the HBO miniseries The Pacific. They like it. Salon, on the other hand, liked Terrance Malick's take better.
-Since he's legally forbidden to perform comedy on television, Conan O'Brien is hitting the road this spring. He'll be in D.C. at Constitution Hall on June 8th.
-The Washington Post's Dave [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Russian Rickroll’ Edition

Good morning! Yesterday I learned about the Russian Rickroll! I'm fairly late to the party on this one, I gather. Nevertheless: Guess where this roundup is going!
Long before she became the first woman to win a Best Director Oscar, Kathryn Bigelow directed a New Order video, in which she dressed the synthpop heavies up as [...]

His Tour Is Overpriced and Underattended. His Ideas Aren’t His Own. So Why Does Perez Hilton Have a Record Label?

In July,  Rohin Guha, a writer for the pop culture site Black Book, noticed that the music tastes of America's top gossip blogger closely mirrored those of a UK music site: Perez Hilton had endorsed six different bands, none of them yet familiar to American listeners, immediately following endorsements by Peter Robinson, editor of  PopJustice. [...]

NPR Names the Best Music of the Year (so far), Why Music Magazines Are Dying

Last week All Songs Considered invited its listeners to vote for their favorite tracks and albums of the year (s0 far).
The results?
"In the end, Animal Collective edged out every other artist for both Best Album and Best Song. Artists like Grizzly Bear, The Decemberists and Neko Case weren't far behind. One thing was clear: that [...]

DRM Is Dead, but Watermarks Will Live Forever

The former opinion comes straight from the RIAA, the latter is mine.
In a piece that we published today, I interviewed executives from Sub Pop, Definitive Jux, and Nasty Little Man, and music writers Jessica Hopper and Douglas Wolk about the state of music reviewing and copyright protections.
If you've never reviewed a copyright-protected promo, imagine the [...]