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Folk-Pop Mathematics with Twins of a Gazelle

The D.C. combo Twins of a Gazelle has a lineup that ranges from three to eight or more members, which makes it one of the smaller groups Dave Mann plays in—there's the 40-plus-member Spelling for Bees collective and the 18-piece Sweet Tea Pumpkin Pie, not to mention Mittenfields. Twins performs tonight at the Velvet Lounge, [...]

Tomorrow: Help Haiti, Hear Fugazi and Minor Threat Covers, Skip Lost Premiere

The covers night: Is it the lowest form of expression, or the highest expression of flattery? And is it misguided to pay homage to music that flipped the bird to almost everything that came before it?
However you come down on those questions, what's indisputable is this: D.C.'s Spelling for Bees collective approaches everything it does [...]

Clip Job: Five Bands with at Least as Many Members as Songs

Spelling for Bees refers to itself as both a collective—in that it's an umbrella for music by its 40 members—and a supergroup, meaning that its participants, drawn from indie-rock bands the District over, occasionally create songs together. The two cuts on the project's MySpace page, "Love at First Sight" and "Giboullee (Bella)," are delicate and [...]