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Yung Gleesh Charged With Sexual Assault in Austin

The local rapper has yet to be arrested.

Heat Wave: Edie Sedgwick Goes to SXSW, Day 1

We release a single and a video and must tour America to let people know about them. I am 34 and have been doing this for 15 years.
Our target is the South By Southwest music festival in Austin, a.k.a. “SXSW.” At SXSW, life will seem easy. It will be warm, but not hot. The Whole [...]

Kickstart This: Listen Local First on Wheels

in which, in the spirit of our recent D.C. Giving Guide, we recommend some worthy Kickstarter projects

PROJECT: The Listen Local First Mobile Music Venue, which LLF co-founder Christopher Naoum describes in the video as a musical version of a food truck. The plan: Acquire a van, enlist local artists to paint it, pack it full of [...]

Arts Roundup: Two Types of Animal Excrement Edition

Dog Shit? What a Clue! Why Didn't I Think of That?: The Post Style section goes below-the-fold with the gripping story of a D.C. Lottery commercial that's been, shall we say, making people hold their noses while thinking about buying a scratch-off. The ad, which started running during the opening rounds of the NCAA men's [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Bass Lines and Long Lines Edition

We've had some technical difficulties, but the rest of our South by Southwest coverage is coming today.
The South by Southwest music conference grinded gears Friday with late breakfasts, an inadvertently caught but kinda badass Tejano band, Spin's raging conflict-of-interest party, an impenetrable Charles Bradley showcase, camera equipment falling on and injuring folks, surrendering to temptation [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typewriter, But More Violent Edition

The South by Southwest music conference released the bees Wednesday with a wealth of strong performances, The MTVU Woodies, breezy and overcast weather, and a student-heavy army of cheerful volunteers and the pamphlets they love. But the spiraling lines for daytime events stole the show. South by 2011: The Year of the Free Swag Meltdown.
Keep [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Just Touched Down Edition

Half of WCP's exploratory South by Southwest task force landed in Austin late yesterday lacking sufficient lead time to swarm into downtown madness and catch the Foo Fighters. 
The Grohlercoasters reportedly turned out at Stubb's to conclude the most star-studded pre-Music Conference week of shows South by Southwest has seen to date. Other musical pre-gaming included TV on the Radio, Sleigh Bells, and Flying Lotus. Actually that [...]

Arts Roundup: When’s the Yarhzeit for that Kid’s Social Life Edition

WaPo, not only are we iffy on your website's redesign, it also seems you've upset the RSS equilibrium. In addition to Fischer's gripe, I'm also seeing entries marked "Featured Advertiser." And as much fun as this—

—seems, it's getting in the way, and I'm afraid now to browse Reliable Sources and accidentally click on your inevitable [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Windian Records Throws Stones

Every March, South by Southwest corrals the music industry in Austin, Texas. Record labels, publicists, and hip blogs program warring bills throughout the Texas capital’s 200 venues; red-eyed bands cram eight gigs into three days. The taco trucks are superb. Everybody’s there.
But Travis Jackson, the owner and founder of Windian Records, is opting out this year.
“Talking [...]

WCP Does SXSW: Typefighter

All week, Arts Desk profiles area artists heading to Texas for the South by Southwest Music Conference, March 15-20.
Ryan McLaughlin’s last band broke up because its singer moved to Austin. When his new band pulls into the city for South by Southwest, it’ll have a floor to crash on. The music conference is the centerpiece of a [...]