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What Does the Fox Cry? Find Out at Back Alley Theater This Weekend

A performance artist, a composer, and a playwright perform a mythical myth, Fox Cried

A Bid to Save the World at Source Theater, Reviewed

Who hasn’t, in the wake of a loved one’s passing, wished for a world without death, or bargained with death’s hypothetical doorman for one last goodbye?
Erin Bregman's A Bid to Save the World, one of Source Festival’s three full-length offerings, imagines a world where that wish is granted, and where that doorman (or, in this case, doorwoman) makes [...]

Think There’s No Room for Emerging Artists in D.C.? You’re Wrong.

Dear dude I argued with at Black Cat a couple of weeks ago,
From what I recall, I ended our conversation after you told me to go fuck myself. But right before that, we were arguing about whether or not D.C. is a supportive place for emerging artists.
You claimed to have investigated every gallery, and you [...]

Source Festival: A Frontier, as told by the Frontier, Reviewed

If you can get past the cumbersome title, A Frontier, as told by the Frontier is a smart coming-of-age drama about our need to preserve ritual. Playwright Jason Gray Platt constructs his unlikely plot around an unspoken apocalypse: There was some sort of cataclysm, and four naïve teenagers only have a dim sense of what [...]

Source Festival: Momentum, Interrupted, Reviewed

The Source Festival offers more than innovative theater. In addition to its full-length plays, there are strings of 10-minute plays where playwrights struggle with a truncated length, and then there are “Artistic Blind Dates,” which are weirder still. In the Blind Dates, artists from different disciplines collaborate for six months on a unique piece of [...]

Perfect Arrangement at Source Festival, Reviewed

Perfect Arrangement feels like something Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy might star in if they were alive today. In this witty new comedy, playwright Topher Payne tackles the very timely issue of same-sex marriage with old-school charm. Populated with dapper gents and perfectly coiffed ladies, Perfect Arrangement feels reminiscent of black and white Hollywood romantic comedies [...]

ToDo ToDay: Cold Cave! Cat Power!

Post-punk wouldn’t be post-punk without a certain level of resentment between murky waves of synth-heavy swells.  Philadelphia’s Cold Cave recently released a 7-inch titled “Black Boots,” but tonight, expect to hear older favorites and earworm throttlers from its last studio effort from 2011, Cherish the Light Years. Twinkling synth lines and drum machines punctuate the band’s [...]

Source Festival: “Afterward” 10-Minute Plays, Reviewed

As the Source Festival's short-play showcase "Afterward" makes clear, writing in short form has its challenges. Occasionally, that becomes all too evident in some of these short works, which the festival broadly tasked with "examin[ing] the past through the lens of the present." But the showcase's most successful pieces were those that offered a sense of [...]

Lake Untersee at Source Festival, Reviewed

Lake Untersee is the journey of a boy named Rocky. But before you get visions of a journey up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and beatdowns in the ring, know that this boy is closer to the very strange, enchanted sort. His journey is fascinating, engaging, confusing, and ultimately unsatisfying.
Playwright Joe Waechter [...]

Uncle Cory’s Secret Playtime at Source Festival, Reviewed

Walking into Source Festival's Uncle Cory’s Secret Playtime brought me back to the days of watching Are You Afraid of the Dark? as a kid in the '90s. That Nickelodeon show packed a whole lot of tremors into just its short introduction: an empty boat rocking, children giggling, shutters rattling during a storm, a demonic-looking toy [...]