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DMV Beats: Cane, Youngin, Oddisee, Drew Dave, and Phil Adé

Dream Chasin'
While some rappers are flaunting cash and jewelry, many of their listeners are working dead-end jobs. They’re suffering through broken relationships, not throwing money at strippers; they’re paying bills, not collecting debts. Chances are, Cane had those listeners in mind when he made his new mixtape, Lucid Dreams, a 15-track collection of common-man rhymes [...]

Listen: Doe Cigapom and Soulful!’s Caged Birds

D.C. rapper Doe Cigapom doesn't like the city's changing demographics: "The hell is a Columbia Heights. All I remember is 14th Street, man!" a male voice exclaims on CagedBirds, Cigapom's new collaborative EP with producer Soulful!. (Set aside the fact that the neighborhood was called Columbia Heights long before gentrification took hold.) A few seconds later: [...]

Listen: Soulful! and Doe Cigapom’s “Summertime Stroll”

Virginia producer Soulful! is relatively young, but his musical tastes are mature: Last year's Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks sampled extensively from '70s blaxploitation flicks and dusty grooves.
Elsewhere, his compositions are heavy on nostalgic boom bap. His instrumental for Lyriciss' "Get It and Go"—flutes, guitar chops, driving percussion—was as lively as the MC.

Marcus J. Moore’s Five Favorite DMV Albums of 2011

A lot of releases caught my ear this year, including projects from Kokayi, lowercase letters, DTMD, Jon Laine, and others. At the same time, the always-endless stream of mixtapes made it damn near impossible to catch everything.
For the second year in a row, I voted in WKYS's list of the hottest local rappers. (So far, Nos. 3-10 have [...]

Pro’Verb Is Too Hip-Hop for Y’all, Maybe

As I type this post, I'm on my sixth straight playback of "Too Hip-Hop," Pro'Verb's autobiographical new single featuring yU of the Diamond District.
Maybe it's the beat—a meditative head-nodder of chopped piano samples and dynamic drums, held together by the persistent hum of gentle strings. You can thank Soulful! for that.
Or maybe it's the confident yet [...]

Reviewed: Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks by Soulful!

Producer-driven albums can be tricky to execute, especially if your name isn't Flying Lotus, Madlib or J-Dilla. The producer bold enough to let his beats talk better have kick-ass instrumentals—or kick-ass vocalists—on hand.
Luckily Soulful!, a resident producer of the D.C.-based InnerLoop imprint, has both. On Mumbo Sauce and Drumbreaks, the young artist not only creates a richly [...]