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Sensitive Badass: Quix*o*tic’s Brendan Majewski, 1973-2011

Artist and musician Brendan Majewski wasn’t the first bassist offered a spot in Quix*o*tic, the defunct, doo-wop-inspired art-punk band from D.C., and he wasn’t the last to play in it before it broke up in 2002. But from 1998 to 2001, the bulk of the band’s existence, he helped Quix*o*tic build a sizable following in [...]

The Pragmatist: Three Songs for Eating Halloween Candy

It's everywhere. Kit Kats, candy corn, tiny Snickers bars, bags upon bags of M&Ms... you can't avoid it. With Halloween coming up, you know you're going to binge on fun-size snacks, and it's going to be delicious. You may end up toothless, but that won't dull the thrill of consuming countless chocolate treats. Of course, [...]

Festival Watch: Umbrella, Troika, All Tomorrow’s Parties

A semi-regular look at music festival news, rumors, and gossip
2009 Umbrella Music Festival: Our pals over at the Chicago Reader noted in their ’09 Fall Arts Guide that the Umbrella Music Festival “is eclipsed only by the Chicago Jazz Festival as the most impressive and adventurous jazz event of the year.” Since those guys seem [...]

Photos: Sonic Youth @ 9:30 Club

Heavy on Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon because, well, they're fun to watch.
Sonic Youth performs again tonight at the 9:30 Club, doors at 7pm. The Entrance Band are opening. Like last night's show, tonight's is sold out, but tickets seem to be readily available on Craigslist.
More photos (and a setlist) after the jump, as well [...]

Sonic Youth Discography Considered

In honor of Sonic Youth's two sold-out 9:30 Club shows this week Washington Post writer David Malitz invited a group of local music writers–myself included–to weigh in on their favorite Sonic Youth albums.
If you follow this blog with any regularity, you're probably already aware of my thoughts regarding the band's 1995 album Washing Machine (a [...]

Sonic Youth Album Leaks. Web Sheriff Seeks And Destroys.

The new Sonic Youth album, The Eternal, leaked this week. Yesterday, our own Aaron Leitko got heartfelt and nostalgic about actually paying for it and listening to it via Matador's pretty sweet buy-early program.
Full Disclosure: I have nothing to say about the album. I have not heard the album. I don't want the crummy leak [...]

Eternal Devotion

In 1995 my mother graciously agreed to take me to The Delta Center, in Salt Lake City, Utah, to see R.E.M. Sonic Youth opened this show, playing all twenty-minutes of "Diamond Sea" and a bunch of other stuff from its then-forthcoming album Washing Machine. That music was a big deal for me–it bridged the jam [...]

Leak Proof: Sonic Youth, Dave Matthews Band, Deerhunter, The Bats

Sonic Youth: "Sacred Trickster"
For a while there Sonic Youth was becoming a band that your dad could maybe get down with. Well, as long as your dad was a baby boomer with a taste for Bare Trees-era Fleetwood Mac. No more, though. “Sacred Trickster”, from the band’s forthcoming record The Eternal, brings back the diminished [...]