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(e)merge, Sonic Circuits, or Bentzen Ball: Which is for You?

Do you want to wear your new luxe crop top or your Acid Mothers Temple T-shirt?

ToDo ToDay: Porgy and Bess, Stand-Up Comedy, and Cotton Candy

The return of Porgy and Bess to the National Theatre means much more than rousing dance numbers: It was the first musical performed for a desegregated audience at the gilded Pennsylvania Avenue NW venue. This tour stop of the much-updated Porgy and Bess, which snagged the 2012 Tony for Best Revival, is unlikely to reach similar heights of [...]

The Sonic Circuits Continuum

One of D.C.’s truly mind-expanding institutions, the annual Sonic Circuits Festival of experimental music—and film and dance—is a six-day affair this year, anchored again at the Atlas Performing Arts Center on H Street NE. The fest kicks off Oct. 1 with a free “improv round robin” show with about a dozen artists at the Union [...]

ToDo ToDay: The Island! Sonic Circuits!

When The Island—Athol Fugard, John Kani, and Winston Ntshona’s drama about political prisoners in a facility inspired by South Africa’s Robben Island—was first presented in 1973, apartheid still hung over the nation. But the work’s current iteration draws inspiration from another source: present-day Palestine. The Freedom Theatre, an arts group based at Jenin Refugee Camp in [...]

Arts Roundup: George W. Bush’s Cat Fancy Edition

Smithsonian Secretary G. Wayne Clough publishes an e-book about the importance and challenges of digitization. [Post]
Sonic Circuits Festival expands, and needs a lot of money to do it. [D.C. Music Download]
George W. Bush, painter, enters his cat period. [Gawker]
Phil Kennicott on the challenges facing orchestras [New Republic]
ICYMI: David Werner, a former member of political-satire group [...]

ToDo ToDay: Civil Rights Exhibits, Superhero Art, and Lots of Local Rock

Fifty years after the March on Washington, D.C.’s museums have mounted several notable exhibits that look back on a critical period of the Civil Rights movement. Now, the Newseum throws its hat into the ring with an exhibit dedicated to the student activists who launched some of the most significant demonstrations of the 1960s. Visitors [...]

Sonic Circuits Festival Needs Money

After another edition of Sonic Circuits Festival came and went in September, director Jeff Surak found himself in the red.
He says he racked up about $5,000 in debt after this year's event, for which he had to cover expenses for things like artist travel, accommodations, and renting sound equipment. He says that two of his volunteers [...]

ToDo ToDay: Sonic Circuits Festival! Photos of Detroit!

The overarching sensibility of the Sonic Circuits Festival Experimental Music Festival is easy to summarize—it celebrates out-there musicians and cutting-edge composers who have solid cred in one way or another—but no two editions of the festival ever seem to be the same. In 2011, the center of gravity was Silver Spring; this year it’s all [...]

David Behrman and Sonic Circuits Are So Right for Each Other

One of the marquee events at this year's Sonic Circuits Festival is the David Behrman Ensemble's performance Friday of "My Dear Siegfried," a piece inspired by correspondence between Siegfried Sassoon (one of Britain's famed World War I poets) and Behrman's father, S.N. Behrman (a playwright and New Yorker writer). Like so much of the music [...]

Arts Roundup: IAMART Edition

The uplifting universe of D.C. artist BK Adams [Pink Line]
Sonic Circuits honcho Jeff Surak chats about this year's festival of experimental music. [20K Under DC]
How the wrestling was choreographed in Woolly Mammoth Theatre Company's The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity. [Express]
Ital, the warped EDM project of Daniel Martin-McCormick (Mi Ami, Black Eyes), announces a new album. [...]