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Arts Roundup: Abraham Lincoln as King Diamond Edition

President Barack Obama and the fam supports "Small Business Saturday" at Arlington's One More Page Books [AP via WTOP]
John Malkovich on his production of Les Liaisons Dangereuses, coming to Lansburgh next week: "Originally, we were going to do a very big production with a very different set and known actors ... But known actors only mean [...]

ToDo ToDay: North Korea! Tacos!

You need only glance at reproductions of North Korean propaganda art, and you'll have an idea of what painter Song Byeok's work is all about. The painter, who defected after a devastating famine struck the Hermit Kingdom during the 1990s, once painted the ubiquitous socialist-realist images of heroic North Korean workers that are mandatory in [...]

Popaganda! The Dissident Kitsch of North Korean Painter Song Byeok

On my way out the door last week to meet the artist Song Byeok, I grabbed a book off the shelf—a catalog of North Korean poster art assembled by a collector whose fascination with the propaganda of the Hermit Kingdom outpaces even my own. It features nearly 300 pages of reproductions of North Korea’s kitschy [...]