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Label of the Reconstruction: Sockets Records Was There When D.C. DIY Got Weird

The “yoga room” on the second floor of Sean Peoples’ house hasn’t had space for sun salutations for a while now. “The last people who owned it had been burning incense and whatever else,” Peoples says as he leads me from his own quarters across the hall. These days, the extra room doesn’t scream tranquility: [...]

Music 2008: A Note from SocketsCDR’s Sean Peoples

Sean Peoples, founder/czar of the SocketsCDR label, dropped us an email to answer questions and to dish about Little Women, Sonic Circuits, and "hip-hop from the future."
This past year was busy. I can't think of much by way of disappointments, but the following stood out and really made 2008 for me:

Dmerit is a DJ/production duo [...]