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Recommended Listening: Hume With Two Drummers!

At a house show a couple of weekends ago, D.C. prog-poppers Hume debuted a new iteration of the band with two drum kits, which was a nice, muscular counterpoint to the unhurried atmospherics of the band's recent, excellent Penumbra LP. I was there, I really dug it, and I'm glad that the venue recorded the [...]

Hume’s Gorgeous, and Gorgeous-Looking, Penumbra Now Available

The latest Hume release contains five songs, stretches to 40 minutes, and is a gorgeous document of melty, psyched-out indie prog. It's also one of my favorite things to come out of D.C. all year. And now it can be yours! Sockets Records just put copies up for sale online, and also posted some shots [...]

What I’m Listening To: Sockets Spring Mix

Old song, whole new Hume: If you've followed the Day-Glo prog pop of Britton Powell & Co., then you'll recognize "Grip," the first song on Sockets Records' spring mix. In the two years since Hume last committed the song to tape, the band has massaged it from propulsive Afropop into something gentler, just as lush [...]

Local Label Roundup: New Music from Sockets, VHF, More

Sean Peoples posted a huge update to the Sockets Records blog last night. Here's what the label has coming up:

A new HUME EP this summer, with a tour to follow.
A Laughing Man EP.
An Aaron Thompson LP, with lotsa guests.
An EP from N'Digo Rose, who plays keys in the Cornel West Theory.
A Cornel West Theory mixtape.
A Sean [...]

Reviewed: Imperial China’s Phosphenes

There’s a fight brewing on the interwebs, pitting generations of indie rock against each other. On one side is Carrie Brownstein, former member of Sleater-Kinney and NPR blogger, who favors the aggressive, punk take on indie rock that’s been passed over by allegedly toothless, safe indie rock over the past decade. On the other side [...]

Fly Girlz on the Catwalk

Last year D.C.'s Sockets Records–working in partnership with True Panther Sounds–released the debut record by Brooklyn's Fly Girlz. On Da' Brats From Da' Ville six teenage MCs rapped over tracks composed by Nathan Corbin, a member of weirdo-industrial-improv group Excepter. The record was a big success. It bridged the hipster-to-local divide. It got on morning [...]

Aaron Thompson’s “Vals” Appears in CNN Drug Abuse Story

Back in September we interviewed D.C.-based singer/songwriter Aaron Thompson about his sleepy laptop jam "Vals." Thompson explained that the lyrics referred to imaginary landscape–a pastoral nowhere that he dreamed up while tinkering around with some chilly keyboard sounds. “I follow the telephone wires in the street lights and the sleeping houses,” he sings.
Perhaps the [...]

Snow Day Sessions: Hume

Yesterday's storm made driving impossible, grocery shopping tedious, and pretty much stopped all Netflix deliveries cold. On the lighter side, those wintry gusts of loose snow made for pretty good atmosphere.
Hume guitarist/songwriter Britton Powell suggested taking advantage of these icy, yet picturesque, conditions to record some music outdoors. Despite the short notice a few bands [...]

Arts Roundup: ELO Should Play the Super Bowl Halftime Show Edition

Good morning! I consumed a lot of soup and chili and beer last night and am paying for it today!
So: that half-time show. Very boring; Townshend and Daltrey looked and sounded old; pretty lights; blah blah, yes we all agree. More importantly! With the Who, the Super Bowl now seems to have run out of [...]

Sockets Posts Showcase Recordings

Missed the Sockets Records showcase last week? Too bad. It was a pretty good time. Luckily, the label has preserved it—well, three-fourths of it—for posterity. Throughout the week, Sockets has been doling out mp3s of the soundboard tapes on its blog. Now three of the five sets—including performances by Hume, Imperial China, and Buildings–are up [...]