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Label of the Reconstruction: Sockets Records Was There When D.C. DIY Got Weird

The “yoga room” on the second floor of Sean Peoples’ house hasn’t had space for sun salutations for a while now. “The last people who owned it had been burning incense and whatever else,” Peoples says as he leads me from his own quarters across the hall. These days, the extra room doesn’t scream tranquility: [...]

Watch: Sockets Records, the Documentary

High-school filmmaker Hannah Hoffman (!) made this very astute 30-minute documentary about Sockets Records, some of the groups on the label, and the state of underground rock music in D.C. Lots of footage comes from Sockets' January showcase at the Black Cat. Ian MacKaye, D.C.'s most prolific talking head, appears, as do bands like Deleted [...]

Download a New Buildings Song (and Hear Some Other Sockets Goodies)

Next week is big for Sockets Records, a label Arts Desk has praised before: The label is dropping two new LPs, from local groups Imperial China and Buildings, and hosting a showcase on Jan. 28 at the Black Cat. Last week, the label previewed the new records at a listening party at Montserrat House, and now [...]

Read Our Annotated Guide to 2011!

There's no arts section to recap this week. For our Dec. 23 issue—on stands today!—the Washington City Paper staff took a look back on the year that was. No surprise, then, that a good chunk of our Annotated Guide to 2011 is devoted to the arts. Pick up a copy! Or read it online. Either [...]

Out Today: Aaron Thompson’s Vessel EP

It looks like local troubadour Aaron Thompson has picked up and moved to New York City, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't cop his new EP. Thompson did, after all, live until recently in the District, releasing music through stalwart label Sockets.
He's also staffed the Vessel EP, which is out today, with some D.C. personnel, [...]

Arts Roundup: Spidey Sucks Less Edition

It's Open! And Maybe Tolerable!: Washington Post theater critic Peter Marks went back to the Foxwoods Theatre on Broadway to see the revamped, overhauled, surgically fixed hullaballoo known as Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. And he didn't totally hate it: "You can’t go so far as to declare that 'Spider-Man' has found its voice, but at [...]

Listen: Deleted Scenes’ New Single “Bedbedbedbedbed”

The lyrics of “Bedbedbedbedbed,” the new single by Deleted Scenes, sound tinny, but that’s a good thing. The martial drumbeat kicking off the track gives way to Dan Scheuerman (sp) singing into an echo chamber. Lines like “We live in difficult times/I fell behind” ricochet while Matt Dowling and Chris Scheffy supplies a gentle rhythm [...]

Follow WCP on Tumblr, Get Local MP3s

If you didn't see it, Washington City Paper is now a-tumblin'. Why should you care? Well, for starters, I'll be posting an mp3 by a local act on our Tumblr every weekday. Some you'll recognize from our site, like Hays Holladay's "It's a Boy" from yesterday, and a hot Munchi track from the day before. [...]

Yeah, About the Wammies…

The Washington Area Music Association announced the nominees for the 25th iteration of its annual awards show last week—news I somehow missed, but which TBD's Sarah Godfrey thankfully brought to my attention today. WAMA members vote for the nominees and winners each year, and, as with all awards shows, they make plenty of weird decisions [...]

Music in Review: Hume’s Penumbra, the Local Album We Should’ve Reviewed

With the possible exception of Bluebrain, I'm fairly sure no D.C. band got more coverage from City Paper this year than Hume. And while we certainly didn't ignore the band's LP-length EP from this fall, Penumbra—its tightest cut, "Grip," was featured in a One Track Mind column in May—I think we erred by not reviewing [...]