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Arts Roundup: We Can Be Heroes Edition

Plus: Beauty Pill to debut new music at upcoming art installation.

Music Photographers: The Smithsonian Wants Your Photos

For a new book of rock 'n' roll photography to be published the fall of 2017.

Arts Roundup: Sign Wars Edition

Plus: What to see at this year's AFI European Union Showcase.

At Museum of the American Indian, An Exploration of Kay WalkingStick’s Art

The Museum's latest exhibition manages to fully explore the artist’s identity as a painter while focusing fully on her art.

The African Art Museum’s Show of Bill Cosby’s Art is DEFINITELY Not About Bill Cosby

It's all about the art, people, not the alleged serial rapist!

A Brief History of D.C. Museums’ Crowdfunding Attempts

The Hirshhorn's Ai Weiwei show only raised $555 of its $35,000 goal.

Mall Shook Up: An Edgy Danish Architect’s BIG Plans for the Smithsonian

How Bjarke Ingels landed a $2 billion commission for “the most heavily regulated piece of real estate on Earth”

The Smithsonian Sticks By its Bill Cosby-Associated Art Exhibit

The museum says its actions do not imply a stance on rape allegations against Cosby.

Lessons for the Next Secretary of the Smithsonian

This week, the Smithsonian Board of Regents elected Cornell University President, licensed cardiologist, and jazz flautist Dr. David Skorton to be the institution’s next secretary. Speaking to press, Skorton was coy about his plans, though he’s surely aware of the progress he’ll need to continue—the strong fundraising and attendance of recent years and ongoing digitization of the Smithsonian’s collections—as well [...]

The Smithsonian’s Next Secretary Plays Jazz Flute

Cornell University President Dr. David Skorton will become the 13th secretary of the Smithsonian, the institution announced today. Skornton, a medical professor and cardiologist, will begin the post in June 2015, succeeding G. Wayne Clough, the controversial Smithsonian secretary who last year announced his retirement. Clough's term will end at the close of this year.
Skorton will inherit a [...]