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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Dale Rawlings

Dale Rawlings is a member of the local comics co-op DC Conspiracy, which regularly sets up at the Small Press Expo. He publishes his own minicomics and contributes in the Conspiracy's anthology books and Magic Bullet newspaper. Rawlings is currently illustrating a story about the War of 1812 and the Decauter House for the [...]

Meet a Local Illustrator: A Chat With Mark Burrier

Mark Burrier is an illustrator, cartoonist, and skateboard painter whose illustration work appears in the Washington Post’s editorial pages. His cartoon works are mostly minicomics, which he often self-publishes, and at least one's been nominated for an award at the Small Press Expo. He also does advertising work using comics. Burrier had a table at the [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Colleen Frakes

Colleen Frakes is a cartoonist who is completely new to me, embarrassingly enough, so here's her biographical information lifted directly from her website: "Colleen Frakes makes comics and works in a library. She was a member of the inaugural class of the Center for Cartoon Studies, and was awarded a Xeric Grant to publisher her [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Roger Langridge

Roger Langridge is a New Zealander who lives in England, but cartoons for United States comic book companies. His small press comic Fred the Clown has kept him coming to SPX for years. He's probably now best known for his recent run on the Muppets, but he also recently wrote a critically successful Thor [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Noah Van Sciver

Noah Van Sciver is an alternative cartoonist who's appeared in Fantagraphic's Mome anthology and The Comics Journal. He does a webcomic, Four Questions, for Denver's Westworld. His brother Ethan also works in comics, drawing superheroes for the major publishers. Van Sciver's Blammo comic book was nominated for SPX's Ignatz Award in 2010.
Washington City Paper: What type [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Dustin Harbin

Dustin Harbin knows everybody in comics today because he was one of the organizers of Heroes Con in Charlotte, N.C, for many years, while working in the Heroes Aren't Hard To Find comics store. Dustin brought many non-superhero cartoonists into the con, setting them up at their own Indy Island section. A little over [...]

Meet An SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Darryl Ayo

Darryl Ayo does minicomics and webcomics. He's a 29 year-old-office worker based in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Darryl Ayo: Generally, I make minicomics as well as computer-born comics. Short stories and dreamlike vignettes about supernatural beings.
WCP: What work are you best-known for?
DA: My best work is [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: An Interview With Craig Thompson

Craig Thompson is one of the stars of the alternative comics world. In1999, Goodbye, Chunky Rice led to his winning the 2000 Harvey Award for Best New Talent. His graphic novel Blankets, a autobiographical coming-of-age story came out in 2003 and was a big hit; Thompson’s telling of his fundamental Christian upbringing and his first [...]

Meet an SPX Cartoonist: A Chat with Mike Dawson

Mike Dawson stays busy. In addition to doing his graphic novels, he hosts two podcasts—Ink Panthers and TCJ Talkies. He'll also be presenting one of the Ignatz Awards this year at SPX, having won the Outstanding Online Comic category last year (and lost as Outstanding Artist to Eddie Campbell... if you have to lose [...]

Meet a Visiting SPX Cartoonist: A Chat With Alexis Fajardo

SPX is a good show for children. Many creators do comics that are appropriate for them, but not something that you can just pick up at the neighborhood bookstore. Alexis Fajardo's Kid Beowulf is in that category, and I'm looking forward to buying his books (for myself, although I might let my daughter look at [...]