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Arts Roundup: Fancy Director Edition

The Kennedy Center will revive Side Show with Dreamgirls director Bill Condon at the helm [Post]
A breakdown and analysis of the Corcoran's estimated $130 million renovation costs [Post]
Images from the National Children's Museum's new facility at National Harbor [Post]
LivingSocial is getting stacks of District money "for maintaining the status quo," says one analyst [Washington Business Journal]
A [...]

Politics and Science Collide This Night at Artisphere!

Our nation’s capital is just lousy with The Moth-style storytelling nowanights—meaning no-notes oral raconteur-ery wherein exaggeration and compression are allowed, but fabrication is not. So what makes The Politics of Science, an eight-hander show at the Artisphere tonight any different?
Well, a few things: It’s a coproduction of a homegrown outfit, Storyleague DC, with The Story [...]