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Watch: Video for Wale’s “Golden Salvation”

Yesterday, Wale released a video for "Golden Salvation," a track from The Gifted that critiques material possessions and the ugly things people do to get their hands on them. Directors Coodie and Chike tell a story from the perspective of an expensive piece of jewelry—a Jesus piece—which is purchased, partied with, violently stolen, and resold. [...]

Arts Roundup: Hayes Fix Edition

How to fix the Helen Hayes Awards: Create more categories, dividing small and large theaters. [Post]
Indie rockers The Mean Season write songs based on what they see at the National Portrait Gallery. [DCist]
Killer mix of recent local hip-hop, including new Slutty Boyz, Topdolla Sweizy, more. [Start of the Line]
Too many museums! [Post]

Download Fat Trel’s Nightmare on E St.

There's a lot riding on Fat Trel's Nightmare on E St. “Stakes are very high,” Trel told Washington City Paper contributor Ramon Ramirez for a recent cover story. “Oh man, where do I start? I just took my first trip to California. I’m meeting with Atlantic Records and recording with famous producers...I want to get my mom [...]

Yung Gleesh Is a Self-Proclaimed “Shitbag,” Still Raps Very Well

Yung Gleesh, aka Boogie and a former member of the TOB braintrust responsible for this cranking crankage, is a shitbag. In fact, he has been for some time, ever since he was "yay old" and "robbing niggas for their play-doh".
At least that's what he confesses in his newest project, Cleansides Finest, a trap/based (based trap?) [...]