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Lotsa Pop Losers Festival: An Oral History

The Lotsa Pop Losers festival was held in Bethesda, Md., and Washington, D.C. on October 26 and 27, 1991. Jointly sponsored by local labels Simple Machines, Teen-Beat, and Slumberland, the event served as a showcase for some of the more pop-oriented indie-rock bands active on the East Coast, pulling together bands from New York, Boston, [...]

City Paper Critics’ Poll: Favorite Moments In Local Music

For the 2012 City Paper Critics' Poll, we asked local critics, bloggers, and fans to tell us about their favorite moments in local music this year. This post has been updated to include input from Reese Higgins and's Metal Chris.
Packed into the Ethiopian joint Asefu’s in July and riled up by an all-too-brief set [...]

Lorelei’s Enterprising Sidewalks, Reviewed

Everything about Lorelei's comeback seems copacetic on the surface: There's nothing moldy about Enterprising Sidewalks, the D.C. indie-rock band's first album in about 17 years. And its '90s label, Slumberland, has resurfaced with newer bands that feed off the old sounds, which themselves aped and honored earlier waves of Flying Nun, 4AD, and Creation bands. An understated but noisy aesthetic—one [...]

Listen: Lorelei’s “Hammer Meet Tongs”

A number of acts from D.C.'s indie-pop era  gathered earlier spring for the chickfactor shows at Artisphere, but biggest surprise might have been the tight, noisy set from Lorelei, who emerged from the Slumberland scene in the 1990s—and even inspired the title chickfactor—but haven't released anything since 2003's Informed by the Future EP.
The band has [...]

New Arrivals @ Red Onion

Red Onion Records and Books has scores of new records that are worth checking out.  Among the best of the bunch: Real Estate's debut LP, the Fred McDowell reissue on Mississippi, and some new Slumberland releases. Don't forget to check out the new Best Coast single, Fuck Buttons latest LP, and the amazing Forge Your [...]

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm: 20 Slumberland Memories, Part 2

The Aislers Set
Slumberland Records, the locally formed label that has released some of the best, noisiest indie pop ever pressed to seven-inch, turned 20 this year, and it's celebrating all weekend. Tonight's show at the Black Cat features current Slumberland bands Crystal Stilts, Brown Recluse, Frankie and the Outs and Pants Yell!, as well as [...]

Guilty Feet Have Got No Rhythm: 20 Slumberland Memories, Part 1

Few independent record labels make it to 20 years, and even fewer can claim the influence of Slumberland. Founded in 1989 by members of Black Tambourine, Velocity Girl, Whorl, and Powderburns, the label blended noise rock and shoegaze with melodic, underground guitar pop, laying the brickwork for what's proved to be an enduring indie-pop aesthetic. Slumberland was [...]

Slumberland Announces 20th Anniversary Show @ Black Cat

Sweater rockers of the greater D.C. area, it's time to start knitting! Slumberland has just announced a 20th anniversary concert at Black Cat.
Way back in 1989, when DC was still more of an all-hardcore-all-the-time kind of place, Slumberland Records took a chance and pressed its first 7", What Kind of Heaven Do You Want, a [...]

So Why Did The Crystal Stilts Cancel Its DC9 Show?

On Sunday night, Pop Cesspool and I walked over to DC9 to check out the Crystal Stilts show only to be faced with a flier on the door telling us that the band had canceled.
The Cesspool was miffed by the sudden no show. So he decided to e-mail the band. One Crystal Stilts member replied. [...]

Q&A: The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Post-punk got a second chance, so did garage rock. Even disco has had a bit of come back lately. But when the indie-pop music of the early '90s–naive but noisy sounding bands that populated labels like Slumberland, K, and Sarah–finally died out, it seemed like somebody pinned a "do not resuscitate" order on it. It [...]