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Tomorrow: D.C. Artists Pay Tribute to Dilla

Detroit producer James "J-Dilla" Yancey represented many things for fans of underground hip-hop. Still today, the gifted beatsmith's use of bombastic drums can make your head nod 'til your neck breaks.
Crate-diggers love Dilla because he could take a oft-sampled beat and flip it in a new way. By the time you heard his version of [...]

Hungry? Obii Say Has Free Donuts

I normally shrug at rappers who take well-known beats from an iconic producer only to rhyme over them and call it a tribute. Except local alternative MC Obii Say sounds natural over J-Dilla's recognizable blend of percussive boom bap, injecting the instrumentals with some light-hearted anecdotes and formidable wordplay.
Uploaded Tuesday night, Obii's Donuts for the Villagers [...]