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ToDo ToDay: Book Arts Festival, Jack on Fire, and a Positive Force Doc

Fill your weekend with beautiful books, thought-provoking plays, and local glam punk.

ToDo ToDay: Sloan! Slater Milkshakes!

Sloooooooooooan! The Toronto-via-Halifax indie rockers have been kicking it for more than 20 years now, steadily releasing albums and touring as if they put out 1992’s Peppermint EP yesterday. Tonight, the band plans to play the entirety of its second album, Twice Removed, which it recently reissued as a three-LP deluxe edition.  Sloan’s sweet harmonies, well-placed handclaps, slick [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Fort Reno Opening Night, The Best of Silverdocs

Our daily roundup of chaste ways to entertain yourself
At some point between when Fort Reno announced its schedule and when I sat down to write this pick, Valley Tours, which is opening tonight’s season kickoff, established a Google-able online presence. The summer concert series has been a local punk institution for probably as long as [...]