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Tom Guernsey, Hangmen Guitarist Who Had a No. 1 D.C. Hit in 1966, Has Died

In 1966, Maryland rock band The Hangmen’s catchy tune “What a Girl Can’t Do” pushed the Beatles' “We Can Work it Out” out of the No. 1 slot on D.C.-area top-hits station WEAM.  The song was penned by then Montgomery College student and guitarist Tom Guernsey—at first for his prior band, The Reekers, before it was released [...]

Next Week: Mark Andersen Shows Classic D.C. Punk Footage

Silverdocs is just around the corner, as you know if you picked up today's Washington City Paper (online later today!). And for aficionados of punk rock, not to mention net-neutrality nerds, there's at least one good option on the festival's slate.
Or you could sate your punk jones tonight next Thursday at Affinity Lab in Adams [...]