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ToDo ToDay: Slayer, G-Flux, and a Book Fair

When Slayer bassist-vocalist Tom Araya sings the lyrics of 2006’s “Jihad” on the album Christ Illusion, he sounds every bit the terrorist depicted in the song. But that, too, is an illusion: Despite Slayer’s decades of confounding conservative folks with outrageous tunes, the veteran thrashers traffic in the same obscene fantasy as horror films. Read more >>> Slayer [...]

ToDo ToDay: Death Fest! Sinkhole Cocktails!

Your metalhead friends wept openly when they heard about the death of Jeff Hanneman, one of Slayer's founding members. Right then, something hit you: “Maybe I should listen to some Slayer. Y’know, out of respect.” When you put on “Angel of Death,” you remembered that metal fucking rules, and now you’re fucking hooked. Good, news, [...]