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Don’t Be Bored: Better Things Than Fireworks

Sadly, we were down on most of the new movies out this week (Transformers, Trollhunter, Page One), but John Turturro of all people has a gem. Matt Bevilacqua writes: "Eyes may roll at John Turturro’s claim that his new directorial effort is more 'musical adventure' than documentary, but one glimpse at its trailer shows that Passione [...]

Skysaw’s Great Civilizations, Reviewed

Jimmy Chamberlin, Mike Reina, and Anthony Pirog did writers and copy editors a huge favor when they changed the name of their new band from This—because nothing endears a group to a music journalist like fucking around with syntax—to Skysaw.
Though Chamberlin—or Jimmy C, or whatever Smashing Pumpkins diehards like to call him—is the draw here, [...]