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ToDo ToDay: Hailu Mergia, Sharon Jones, and $1 Oysters

In 1985, Hailu Mergia released a spacey solo album, Hailu Mergia and His Classical Instrument, which reinterpreted traditional Ethiopian accordion music. The album never took off in the States, and Mergia settled into a career as a cab driver in the D.C. area. Nearly three decades later, Brian Shimkovitz of the Awesome Tapes from Africa record [...]

Interview: Nivek Ogre of Skinny Puppy and OhGr

Canadian Nivek Ogre, the mastermind behind cult industrial icons Skinny Puppy, now performs under the moniker OhGR with former Skinny Puppy member Mark Walks. OhGR is like a darker, less explosive (literally) continuation of Skinny Puppy. If you donned green tights and black eye shadow to Skinny Puppy shows, you’ll be happy to know that [...]