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Skank and File: An Oral History of D.C. Ska

Strike up a conversation with 70 percent of this town’s 20- to 30-something punk rockers, and they’ll probably tell you they grew up with hardcore or emo. Talk to the other 30 percent, and they’ll say it was ska.
Most folks probably remember ska from the brief time when trumpet-toting dudes in plaid suits and pork-pie [...]

Caz Gardiner Isn’t Afraid to Hire Day Laborers

Vocalist Caz Gardiner has been fronting D.C. ska bands for years, and her latest project, Caz and The Day Laborers, will make its debut on Friday at the Rock & Roll Hotel. The group includes longtime members of D.C. ska mainstays The Pietasters—guitarist Jorge Pezzimenti,  keyboardist/guitarist Dan Schneider, and drummer Curtis Reaves Jr.—as well [...]

Soundclash Turns 10: A Decade of DJing Classic Reggae

For a decade, the Soundclash Jamaican music night at Marx Cafe has been one of D.C.'s musical treasures. Named after the island soundsystem competitions, this last-Friday-of-the-month dance night features a crew of local and guest DJs trying to top each other with selections of reggae, ska, rocksteady, dub, and a bit of dancehall. The Soundclash crew [...]

The Sleigher: The Slackers’ “Hanukkah” Single

HO HO WHO: The Sleigher—well this Sleigher (the one who doesn’t hate italics!)—has a confession: He’s Jewish. Now, he still loves Christmas music, but sometimes he reverts to his ethnic heritage and digs up some Hanukkah tunes, even though that experience was mostly ruined by Adam Sandler in the mid-'90s. [...]

Clip Job: Five Genre-Identifying Band Names

Channeling late '70s bands like the Jam and the Beat, D.C.'s Modest Proposal was a fixture of the city's early-'80s mod and ska scenes, and the group performed for several years before disbanding in 1986. The few songs it committed to vinyl, on several singles and compilations, are charming, catchy examples of a movement that—with [...]