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Arts Roundup: #shutdown Edition

It takes a shutdown for people to realize they like museums. [City Desk]
Private museums totally cool with Smithsonian closure. [Arts Desk]
Kennedy Center raises $1.3 million at fundraiser. [Washingtonian]
...and Kevin Spacey raises money for the arts—because if there's any actor who can terrify you into chucking your wallet into his hands and running away, it's Kevin [...]

Reviewed: Joshua Cogan at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue

Even an untalented photographer would have a wealth of material to work with in documenting Kathputli, a neighborhood in Delhi that is home to a colony of magicians and puppeteers. Using age-old traditions, these performers long wandered the Indian countryside, but in the 1950s, they settled in the neighborhood. Initially surrounded by woodlands, it became [...]

Photos: Rodriguez @ Sixth & I Historic Synagogue

Most of the time, shooting a concert is just a job. But there are some cases when it's more than that—when shoots can feel like capturing a significant moment in history. When I learned the story of rediscovered Detroit folk singer Rodriguez, I predicted his sold-out show at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue Thursday night [...]

Photos: Jens Lekman @ Sixth & I Synagogue

"You know when you have the same dream for 740 nights in a row?" When Swedish singer/songwriter Jens Lekman asked this question to a sold-out crowd at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue last night, he phrased it so sincerely that you almost re-examined whether you actually had. Out supporting his EP An Argument With Myself, Lekman [...]

This Week: Julianna Barwick Goes “From the Chapel” to the Synagogue

When I was in grade school, my music teacher used to emphasize the importance of the human voice as an instrument: Once, she said, she showed up to jam with some musicians, and was chastised for coming to the session empty-handed. "But my instrument is here!" she said, pointing to her throat.
With Brooklyn musician [...]

Lykke Li @ Sixth and I

Electro-pop soul singer Lykki Li began her U.S. tour at the Sixth and I Historical Synagogue Saturday night. Her lascivious taunts and synth vibrations roused the crowd from pew-sitting to aisle-dancing.