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This Weekend in Latin Music: Alternatives to Bachata

Dominican bachata has led the Latin-music coverage in the mainstream news lately, but this weekend in the D.C. area, the theme is reggaeton, son, and duranguense.
Puerto Rican reggaeton artist Nengo Flow recently released a 17-song mixtape, Real G 4 Life Part 2. Heavily autotuned over fairly conventional beats, Nengo spits Spanish and Spanglish verses alongside fellow [...]

Sierra Maestra: Sticking With Classic Son

In 1976, two decades before helping put together the Buena Vista Social Club, then-Havana resident Juan De Marcos Gonzalez began revitalizing interest in classic Cuban son dance music with the group Sierra Maestra. Thirty-five years later, Gonzalez is no longer a member, but on Tuesday night Sierra Maestra, featuring five of Gonzalez’ original bandmates, will [...]

Why Juan de Marcos González Won’t Make You Pachanga Till You’re Ready

In 1976, then-Havana-based Juan de Marcos González founded Sierra Maestra, a large band that specialized in danceable Cuban son music, one of the root sounds of salsa. Maestra became popular in Cuba, toured Europe, and recorded a number of albums between still beloved by hardcore fans of Cuban music. In the late '90s, González began reaching [...]