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Black Cat Celebrates Its 20th Birthday With a Bunch of Bands You Know

Pull out your party hats: The Black Cat turns 20 this year.
In September 1993, the Black Cat opened on a different part of a very different 14th Street NW. Over the years, it's weathered hurdle after hurdle: urban blight, an influx of competing venues, false rumors of Black Cat Bill's death, rampant condofication, small plates—and has [...]

Listen: St. Vincent and Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren Cover Fleetwood Mac

Tracks from this compilation of indie-famous Fleetwood Mac covers keep trickling out like so many sweat beads dripping from Lindsey Buckingham's afro. (Gawd, I bet U.S. Royalty would kill to be on this thing.) But nothing from the album has grabbed me as hard as Craig Wedren and St. Vincent's gloss on "Sisters of the Moon." No [...]

Arts Roundup: FREEDOM Edition

Non-Modern Art Notes: Next year, the National Gallery of Art will mount a major George Bellows retrospective, reports The Washington Post. In other arts news, why is the Post sending its classical critic to review "Degas's Dancers at the Barre" at the Phillips Collection, and not, like, its art critic? I could see assigning it to [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 27

Revolutions, natural disasters, scandals, irrepressible subcultures ... it's crazy out there, people! Far Out vs. Hot Dang has your back, though. Remember: IT'S ALL LOVE.

"It’s managed to stay classically and quintessentially yuppie!"
"douchebags, everywhere"

"Consider this installment of Fare Assessment our version of an Internal Affairs Bureau."
Marissa Payne / The Anti DC: "Kojo on NPR just now, [...]

Shudder to Think’s Nathan Larson Has Written a Book

Because we like keeping tabs on D.C.'s indie-rock diaspora: Nathan Larson—who played in D.C. bands Swiz and Shudder to Think and who these days is based in New York, where he pens movie scores and records as A Camp with his wife Nina Persson (of Cardigans fame)—has written a book. It's called The Dewey Decimal [...]

Shudder to Think’s Craig Wedren Streaming Unreleased Solo Album

It's been about a decade since we last heard new recordings from Shudder to Think, once a jewel of the District's post-hardcore scene. But the late oughts have been pretty good to its fans: The group reformed in 2008 for some festival dates and a short tour. This September saw the release of a (frankly, [...]