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14th and YouTube

Hollywood studios rarely do D.C. right—and cable TV doesn’t usually, either. But on YouTube and Vimeo, an alternative has emerged: a handful of homegrown“television” series that take a completely different approach than the multitudinous political dramas.
Real Housewives of Benning Road
In this Real Housewives satire created by D.C. comedian Mike Brooks, the wives shop at [...]

Arts Roundup: Scientologists Are Just Like Us! Edition

Washingtonian sees a play at the 16th Street Scientology Center, exposing the church's scheme to convert visitors by plying them with free sandwiches [Washingtonian]
Premiering next week: The Sherman House Webisodes, a documentary series about a bunch of roommates in a D.C. group house. Gabriel is the new Puck. [Pink Line Project]
An oral history of Sockets [...]