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Photos: Shark Week / Loud Boyz at Dance Loft on 14th

Shark Week's Beach Fuzz Record Release at Dance Loft on 14th, May 16th.
Full gallery here:  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photos: Shark Week, The Mystery Lights, Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists @ Paperhaus

Shark Week, The Mystery Lights, Baby Bry Bry & The Apologists @ The Paperhaus, 4000 Block 3rd Street, NW, April 10th.  © 2015 Matt Dunn

Photos: Shark Week / Loud Boyz @Comet Ping Pong

Shark Week (1), Loud Boyz (2,3,4,5) at Comet Ping Pong, Jan. 10th.

ToDo ToDay: Kingsley Flood, Patton Oswalt, and a Tribute to Emmylou Harris

Comedians get serious, metal mixes with mariachi, and a dozen musicians pay tribute to Emmylou Harris.

ToDo ToDay: Afternoon of a Faun, Crocodiles, and Whiskey

The story sounds straight out of a Lifetime movie: A stunning young dancer—the muse of her partner and choreographer—is stricken by a grave illness and doesn’t know if she’ll ever walk again, let alone dance. To do so, she must overcome all odds. And of course, the woman in question is gorgeous. So go see Afternoon of [...]

Arts Roundup: How to Really, Really Piss Off Baltimore City Paper Edition

House of Cards will film that motorcade scene in D.C. after all. [WBJ]
GEICO spotlights D.C. band Shark Week for a condescending and misinformed little video about Baltimore's music scene; Baltimore City Paper freaks out. [Baltimore City Paper]
Dismemberment Plan's Travis Morrison on the key to celebrity: "I should just twerk more onstage." [Esquire]
Here are a bunch of priceless [...]

ToDo ToDay: Janel & Anthony! Vitamin C! National Dance Day!

Cello/guitar/electronics duo Janel & Anthony made one of D.C.’s better albums in recent memory: last year's alluring, largely instrumental Where Is Home. Their follow-up will focus more on vocal works, says cellist Janel Leppin, and some of those pieces will be incorporated into the duo's early-evening performance at the BioWall. It’s not just another plaza. There's [...]

ToDo ToDay: Face to Face, SuperNOVA, Capital Pride, and Russian Pop

I first heard a Face to Face song on a Vagrant Records compilation. It was the early 2000s, and the band—surprisingly noisy for Vagrant, better known as home to weepy emo bands Dashboard Confessional and The Get Up Kids—had already been kicking it for a decade. The band cooled off for a few years in [...]

ToDo ToDay: European Photos! Another Taqueria! Escondido!

If Shakespeare had a camera, what would he have captured? The Shakespeare Theatre Company explores that conceit with its exhibition of 24 photos of European locales by Nina Dunn.  Her finest works are understated: an aerial image of a surprisingly regular matrix of trees in Bordeaux, accentuated by a Barnett Newman-style zip of a road, [...]

ToDo ToDay: Teatime Jamboree! Pig Destroyer Beer! Questlove!

Nothing screams spring like a country hoedown, and that’s exactly what the gang from D.C. podcast and live talk show You, Me, Them, Everybody has planned for its takeover of the Mansion at Strathmore. In addition to comedy, the group is also planning an Easter egg hunt, a series of craft activities led by Morgan Hungerford [...]