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ToDo ToDay: Retribution Gospel Choir! Edible Hearts!

Retribution Gospel Choir has toyed with huge riffs—perhaps in an attempt to sound distinct from its sister band, slowcore veterans Low—but by many accounts, its latest album, 3, achieves rockness while preserving the gorgeous environments that Low constructed so well. D.C. supergroup Deathfix, whose new album on Dischord drops Feb. 25, opens. Retribution Gospel Choir performs with [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Bathroom Porn, Fugazi, Manon Cleary

Chris Shott's cover story is both a food and an arts story, for which he journeyed into the dark and seedy world of pornographic bathroom decoration. Possibly NSFW. Ryan Little leads the arts section with a deep dive into the new Fugazi Live Archive, which he finds remarkably dynamic coming from a band known for [...]

R.I.P. BMG Music Club

Looks like BMG Music Club has finally closed its doors to new members and is basically washed-up for good.
For those unfamiliar with BMG, when you signed up you got to pick 12 or so free CDs out of its catalog so long as you agreed to purchase one. This all played out over the [...]