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Gounod’s Roméo et Juliette at Maryland Lyric Opera, Reviewed

If you’re going to take liberties with famous works of literature, you might as well give us a happy ending or more sex and violence or something.

A Response to the Wall Street Journal‘s Defense of Traditional Shakespeare

A Shakespeare production featuring women? What is this, amateur hour?!

Much Ado About Nothing Goes 1950s Vegas at Synetic Theater

Sequined bras, showgirls, and strip poker, anyone?

Enter Ophelia, distracted at Taffety Punk Theatre Company, Reviewed

Kimberly Gilbert is one of the most versatile, fearless and reliably thrilling actors in Washington. Whether she’s playing the spinster held hostage by her wicked mother in The Beauty Queen of Lenane or an everyone’s-a-little-bit-racist gentrifier in Clybourne Park,or a shellshocked survivor of an environmental apocalypse in Mr. Burns, or a Victorian woman receiving surprisingly [...]

Tears of Clowns: Synetic’s King Lear, Reviewed

The person who accompanied me to Synetic Theater’s characteristically spry adaptation of King Lear maintains, I think soundly, that the play is about the erosion and ultimate failure of language. So perhaps there’s more reason to try this one sans nouns, sans verbs, sans adjectives, sans everything spoken, than to muzzle other Shakespearean tragedies.
This [...]

Wherefore Shakespeare in Klingon? Elementary, My Dear Watson

This, this is the problem, this right here: "In one of the Star Trek movies," which I, Steve Inskeep, won't even go to the trouble of naming, but HINT, it's the one with the Hamlet quote cleverly buried in the title of frakking film: It's the original-cast Trek finale, No. 6, The Undiscovered Country. [...]

Wandering Souls’ Free for the Rest Twelfth Night

The Shakespeare Theatre Company's soon-to-end annual run of free performances isn't, in fact, your only opportunity to see the Bard's Twelfth Night this week. There's another free production of the mistaken-identities comedy beginning tomorrow, and it shares the inclusive ethos of STC's Free for All. But the goals and execution are something entirely different.
"Ours is a [...]

Folger Library: Stolen Shakespeare Bad, Bootlegged Shakespeare Totally Cool

The man who attempted to sell a rare—and stolen—Shakespeare First Folio to the Folger Shakespeare Library has been handed an eight-year jail sentence by a British court, The Guardian reports. Although he was not found guilty last month of actually stealing the 1623 volume from Durham University, the Newcastle crown court jury did find him [...]

This Week in Theater: Mondo Andronicus

Molotov Theatre Group's Mondo Andronicus takes Shakespeare's already violent Titus Andronicus to a new extreme. The fast-paced version (running about an hour) stages the tragedy in a setting that looks like a punk club bathroom. Writer Russ Blackwood's gory pastiche is fun to watch but graphic to witness, and not recommended for the faint of [...]