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Sex Can Be Awkward. Let’s Talk About It. Onstage.

Sex can be awkward. Like, really, really, really awkward. So awkward, in fact, that some might never want to share with friends, let alone perfect strangers, tales of awkward intercourse. But comedian Natalie Wall’s storytelling show, Awkward Sex...and the City, brings those dirty details out into the open. Instead of hiding from past fumbling encounters and [...]

The Trouble With Fat Trel’s Semen-Centric Cover Art

I’m partial to rappers who know how to self-deprecate. Lil’ Wayne embraces his stature; Ol’ Dirty Bastard knew he was a creep. In an art form frequently powered by braggadocio, a little real-talk is refreshing.
So I’ve been poised to love Fat Trel from the start. His moniker rings true—Trel’s carrying a few extra, heavily tattooed [...]

ToDo ToDay: Retribution Gospel Choir! Edible Hearts!

Retribution Gospel Choir has toyed with huge riffs—perhaps in an attempt to sound distinct from its sister band, slowcore veterans Low—but by many accounts, its latest album, 3, achieves rockness while preserving the gorgeous environments that Low constructed so well. D.C. supergroup Deathfix, whose new album on Dischord drops Feb. 25, opens. Retribution Gospel Choir performs with [...]

The Sleigher: Red State Update’s “I Don’t Feel Like Fuckin’ This Christmas”

HO HO WHO: Red State Update, the Tennessee-based duo of Jonathan "Dunlap" Shockley and Travis "Jackie Broyles" Harmon. The Sleigher swears to Jesus Himself that he hadn't heard of these guys until a few weeks ago. They do ironic political comedy. They have a new and really long album called Santa Is Real. There is [...]