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“Oi! You’re Malcolm McLaren!” Nick English Remembers the Controversial Punk Icon

Nick English, the former manager of Bad Brains and D.C. hardcore's link to London punk, encountered Malcolm McLaren in the late '70s when both were living in New York. He recently recounted those events in an e-mail to friends. McLaren, a controversial manager and punk icon, died last week at 66. With English's permission, we've [...]

Clip Job: Five Bands with at Least as Many Members as Songs

Spelling for Bees refers to itself as both a collective—in that it's an umbrella for music by its 40 members—and a supergroup, meaning that its participants, drawn from indie-rock bands the District over, occasionally create songs together. The two cuts on the project's MySpace page, "Love at First Sight" and "Giboullee (Bella)," are delicate and [...]

The Arts Desk Interview: Giant J of FunkyJahPunkys

In which the author converses with Justin Gully, frontman of Las Vegas' FunkyJahPunkys.

Washington City Paper: You seem to be called Giant J.
Giant J: I try not to answer to that name. It's grown bigger than me. I'm 5’4”, 115 lbs. I appear large when we start doing our thing. [Author's note: "our thing" refers to [...]