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The Apple Family Plays at Studio Theatre, Reviewed

The Apple Family Plays have nothing do with iPads or MacBooks or the indignities visited upon those who assemble them. Richard Nelson’s quartet of hypercontemporary dramas attempt merely to chart the national mood, to the extent that such a thing exists (possible) and that a gathering of six white New Yorkers, the youngest of whom [...]

Joy Zinoman Leaves Studio Theatre: D.C. Media Falls Asleep on Story

The Washington City Paper sucks. The Washington Post sucks. The Washington Blade sucks. The Washington Examiner sucks. Metro Weekly, Dupont Current, DC Theatre Scene, DCist, TV news stations: suck, suck, suck, suck, suck.
And a catch-all assessment for all other D.C. media outlets that pretend to cover area news and culture: Suck!
What other word, after all, [...]