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Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat With Carla Speed McNeil

Carla Speed McNeil has been writing and drawing Finder, a science-fiction story, since 1996. McNeil began self-publishing the title as a comic book via her Lightspeed Press, then collected it as graphic novels, then started doing it as a webcomic, and most recently produced a new graphic novel and separate chapters for Dark Horse Comics. [...]

Meet a Formerly Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Bebe Williams

A couple of decades ago, self-published comics hit a new boom period, and alternative comics spun out of the sputtering underground comix model. It was a heady time in comics, and the movement is still reverberating today. When I moved to Arlington, I eventually discovered that a close neighbor of mine was Bebe Williams, who [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Dan Nokes

Dan Nokes is the third local creator I spoke to at the recent Capicons comic book show (which is trying to showcase local cartoonists as well as provide dealer space). Nokes has definitely taken the DIY credo to heart.
Washington City Paper: What type of comic work or cartooning do you do?
Dan Nokes: I am the [...]

Meet a Local Sequential Artist: A Chat with R.M. Rhodes

R.M. Rhodes is a local small press comic book creator from Alexandria, VA, who has moved into serializing his longer stories on the web, and then collecting them in print. Recently he's appeared in the DC Conspiracy's Magic Bullet anthology newspaper. Rhodes is the first interviewee to disagree with the label cartoonist–and I don't disagree [...]

Interview with a Vampire Author: The Paid Review Guy Speaks

Last week, I wrote a post on local author John F. Ferrer, who had placed a Craigslist ad offering to pay people to review his vampire book The Immortal Ones. I was opposed to the idea of compensating people for such work, because that might impel them to offer false praise that could mislead consumers. [...]

Meet a Local Cartoonist: A Chat with Bamn Writer Troy Allen

On his blog, Troy Allen describes himself as "a Washington, D.C. native who has worn many hats over the last several years. Notably, during his time as a meandering film student at Montgomery College, Allen opted to train as a professional wrestler for six months. The experience left his ego bruised, [...]