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Today Is Local Music Day

Just a reminder: Step into your local coffee shop/pub/diner/yogurt shop/furniture store/cupcake joint/ramen shack today, and you just might hear some local tunes. It's Local Music Day, which means a bunch of businesses are playing whole albums by eight D.C. acts. Those would be: singer/songwriter René Moffatt, reggae duo See-I (reviewed in WCP!), rockers Modern Man, U.S. Royalty (reviewed in WCP!), and Deleted [...]

The Empire of Chill: Thievery Corporation Helped Build U Street, but They Sound Homeless

In the 1990s, Thievery Corporation did not want to be a D.C. band.
“We are jet-setters,” Eric Hilton told Washington City Paper in a 1999 cover story. Hilton and his creative partner, Rob Garza, liked to wear suits. “In a suit, you can go anyplace,” said Hilton. “We’re living in a global marketplace.” Above all, it seemed, [...]

Weekend Music Round-Up


Eric Felten Jazz Orchestra. Blues Alley. $25.
L.A. Guns w/ Mis-Fit, Tilt, Sinner’s Trail, Bitter Pill. Jaxx. $18/$20. +21.
Sheryl Crow, Ari Hest. Filene Center at Wolf Trap. $30-$48.
TheoryCast, ReVeL, Fight The Bear, Conshafter. Rock and Roll Hotel. $10. All ages.
DC Summer Extravaganza w/ Tittsworth, Nadastrom, Will Eastman, Bobby Jae & Ken Lazee, Dmerit. 9:30 club. [...]