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Tonight in Music Docs: The Secret Policeman Rocks

The 30th anniversary of the first Secret Policeman’s Ball is as good a time as any for: 1) the festival’s braintrust to pat itself on the back; 2) the rest of us to enjoy the collateral benefits. Chief among those is archival footage of the concert series, which began in 1979 as a fundraiser for [...]

The Secret Policeman’s Ball(s):
Martin Lewis, John Cleese, and the Origin of the Superstar Benefit Love-Fest

A conversation with Martin Lewis is a lot like a celebrity benefit show: there's name-dropping, obligatory roasting, flash and panache, and a definite hint of the self-congratulatory. The man has helped manage Eric Burdon and Donovan, produced records, films, and festivals on both sides of the Atlantic, and served as HuffPo's resident "least-reserved Englishman." Hell, [...]