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Sockets Records: The Early Years

On Friday night, Sockets Records will celebrate its fifth anniversary on the mainstage at Black Cat with a five-band bill featuring Hume, Imperial China, Big Gold Belt, Buildings, and the Cornel West Theory. It will be quite the local-music blowout.
But getting to this point took a lot of work. No, really, it took a lot [...]

Clip Job: Five Off-the-Wall Collaborative Performances

There's more to life than gigs.
A handful of area musicians are keeping that notion in mind this weekend, stepping outside their comfort zones for collaborative, one-night-only performances. There's Zomes, the drone-y project of Lungfish's Asa Osborne, which performs tonight at the Writer's Center in Bethesda as part of the ongoing Story/Stereo series. For the performance, [...]

Beats Working Addendum Part 1: Sean Peoples

While gathering info for my piece "Beats Working" (featured in this week's 2008 Music and Arts in Review issue), I spoke with several DJs and promoters who had very interesting things to say, though space constraints prevented their quotes from making the print. Good thing we've got this spacious Internet to stretch out in.
Over the [...]

Music 2008: A Note from SocketsCDR’s Sean Peoples

Sean Peoples, founder/czar of the SocketsCDR label, dropped us an email to answer questions and to dish about Little Women, Sonic Circuits, and "hip-hop from the future."
This past year was busy. I can't think of much by way of disappointments, but the following stood out and really made 2008 for me:

Dmerit is a DJ/production duo [...]