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Listen: Birth (Defects), ‘Forged’

We're premiering the B-side from Birth (Defects)' upcoming 7".

“Is This Venue Accessible?” New Website Tells D.C. Showgoers the Answer

A local label head with cerebral palsy has turned his show-going savvy into a Tumblr.

Chris Grier, Experimental Guitarist and Former D.C. Musician, Dies [Updated]

Chris Grier, an avant-garde guitarist who played in the noise-rock collective To Live and Shave in L.A. and was based in D.C. for many years, passed away at Brooklyn Hospital last night from a cardiac arrest due to a pulmonary embolism, which was caused by a clot in his left leg.
Tom Smith, who co-founded To Live and Shave in [...]

Arts Roundup: T. Rex Edition

The Washington Post published a special museums section this week—though, it's unfortunately ill-timed because of the government shutdown and all. [Post]
The shutdown also ruined National Fossil Day by delaying this T. rex skeleton's journey to the Museum of Natural History. [Post]
Shutdown closes Adventure Theatre, too. [D.C. Theatre Scene]
Read this great essay by Fan Death Records founder [...]

I Love Cassettes, and That’s Why I Don’t Love Cassette Store Day

Despite media chatter about a recent “cassette resurgence,” most people still haven't re-embraced the tape. Anyone under 30 probably associates them with their parents' music collections, and only a slim margin of record nerds knows about their prevalence among obscure noise and punk bands. But soon, you'll be able to buy cassettes from big-name bands [...]

One Track Mind: No Paris, Cimmerian

Standout Track: No. 1, "(Deep) End," from Cimmerian, the simmering debut cassette from No Paris. The electronic avant-garde/experimental project comes from Woodley Park resident Sean Gray, 30, who runs the DIY labels Fan Death and Accidental Guest. Ambient and wordless, "(Deep) End" plays like a brooding, pulsating score, swelling to a climax that never comes.
Musical [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 38

To clarify, Far Out vs. Hot Dang is not "what Washingtonians are talking about," nor is it "what Washingtonians should be talking about." No, this weekly assemblage is "what some Washingtonians are talking about." Because, really, who wants to talk about what everybody else is talking about?

"Who needs a talk-back at show’s end when the [...]

Dance Music for Misanthropes: A Chat With No Love Lost’s Sean Gray and Denman Anderson

For the last year or so, Fan Death Records co-proprietor Sean Gray and DJ and man-about-town Denman C. Anderson have been repping hard for something called cold wave, or minimal synth—an obscure subset of post-punk that's been enjoying a slightly less obscure revival in recent years thanks to the work of labels like Wierd Records [...]