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Reviewed: Jill Townsley at Project 4

Most artists would cringe at the word “workmanlike” to describe their artistic output, but Jill Townsley embraces it. In an exhibit appropriately titled “TOIL,” Townsley creates her art by painstakingly repeating such humble processes as scribbling. That’s hardly a new notion in art; artists from Cy Twombly to Linn Meyers have tried it. But Townsley [...]

Reviewed: Hana Kim and Shana Kim at Flashpoint

For a region so recently addled by an electricity-snuffing derecho, an exhibit titled “Atmospheric Front” sounds positively ominous. Fortunately, the installation at Flashpoint isn’t so off-putting, though it also doesn’t quite live up to its potential. Two sisters, Hana Kim and Shana Kim, had the idea of suspending cotton twine from the ceiling using wires [...]

Reviewed: Olivia Rodriguez at Curator’s Office

From a distance, the decay that permeates Olivia Rodriguez’s art at Curator’s Offfice isn’t always obvious. To get the full effect of the rot, you have to squint. Rodriguez creates small sculptures and tableaux dominated by mushrooms, lichens and branches, using a palette of dark browns, beiges, and rust reds. The closer you look, the [...]

Reviewed: Lisa Dillin at Flashpoint Gallery

Jean-Paul Sartre famously wrote that “hell is other people.” But hell may actually be having to work in an office with décor designed by Lisa Dillin. The Baltimore-based Dillin creates mixed-media works that seem to toy with the mismatch between what designers think people want and what they actually want. The most benign are pieces [...]

Reviewed: Mariah Anne Johnson and John Watson at Carroll Square Gallery

One wonders if the conceit behind Carroll Square Gallery’s “Space Is the Place” is meant half-jokingly. The two artists in the show—Mariah Anne Johnson and John Watson—were asked to make “site responsive installations,” yet there are probably a dozen galleries in town with more interesting spaces for an artist to be “responsive” to than Carroll [...]

Reviewed: “Twisted” at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

There’s nothing kinky about “Twisted,” the new show of painting and sculpture at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery. The title is meant literally, encompassing all manner of art whose elements are intertwined and meandering. Brett Price offers a ceramic bowl crafted from an agglomeration of coiled, earthworm-like shapes; Lynn Horton painstakingly hand-draws looping, penciled swooshes on a monumental, [...]

Reviewed: Nicole Herbert and Janell Olah at Flashpoint

The twin exhibitions now on view at Flashpoint don’t limit themselves to appearing in the gallery; they become part of it, toying with the architectural features not just of the exhibit space but also the facility’s accompanying cubicles, conference rooms and bathroom areas. In “Trace,” Nicole Herbert adds a series of supernumerary fixtures to the [...]

Reviewed: “Tribute2” at Irvine Contemporary

"Tribute2," the farewell show for Irvine Contemporary’s 14th Street NW location, features the work of 10 artists, but each of them pales in comparison to the insanely clever sculptures of Sebastian Martorana. Sure, Kerry Skarbakka intrigues with a self-portrait of himself tumbling through the air while in the thrall of a Bierstadt landscape at the [...]

Reviewed: “P(art)ners: Gifts from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection” at the National Museum of Women in the Arts

“P(art)ners: Gifts from the Heather and Tony Podesta Collection” includes 30 photographs and sculptures by women, focusing largely on the female body. But this is no survey show – the works on view represent a precise era in contemporary art. A sizable majority were made about a decade ago, by American and European artists who [...]