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The Hirshhorn Looks at the Uncomfortable—Yet Breathtaking—History of Surrealism

Review of "Marvelous Objects: Surrealist Sculpture from Paris to New York" at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden to Feb. 15

Reviewed: ‘This Is Light’ at Carroll Square Gallery

Carroll Square Gallery's latest is an awfully small show to support a title of almost Biblical sweep.

Rachel Schmidt’s Eccentric Urban Vision at Hillyer Art Space

Masked characters wander among apartment buildings, mosques, and a supersized can of kale.

Genius or Gobbledygook? “Real Beauty” at Carroll Square Gallery

Art theory is often inscrutable, and it’s doubly so for abstract painting. That’s why the framing of the “Real Beauty” at Carroll Square Gallery needs to be taken with a grain of salt.
“Abstraction is arguably the truest representation of how the world feels, though by definition it obscures how the world actually appears,” reads the [...]

Yuriko Yamaguchi’s Mixed-Media Clouds at Adamson Gallery

In computing, “the cloud” is just a metaphor. In the art of Yuriko Yamaguchi, it becomes compellingly tangible.
The Osaka-born Yamaguchi, who’s been working in the U.S. since the 1970s and who is now based in Vienna, Va., uses steel, copper and brass wire along with small pieces of hand-cast resin to create sprawling modular networks [...]

Reviewed: “Paper Paradox” at Carroll Square Gallery

The “paradox” in “Paper Paradox,” a 10-artist exhibit at Carroll Square Gallery, is that the ultimate two-dimensional material can, with some effort, be teased into three-dimensional sculpture. The material for this exhibit is no Dunder-Mifflin overstock product; when the paper in “Paper Paradox” is handmade, even “flat” isn’t flat.
Consider Peter Winant’s “Chalk Lines” (detail at bottom), [...]

Reviewed: “Cardboard City” at Goethe-Institut

Cardboard doesn’t seem like the most auspicious of art materials, but three far-flung artists—Artemis Herber of Germany, Steve Keene of the United States, and Valery Koshlyakov of Russia—separately gravitated to it, and they now find themselves drawn together in the exhibit “Cardboard City.”
Each of the artists embraces their shared material’s creases and curls. Herber offers [...]

Reviewed: “Raising Dust” at Carroll Square Gallery

“Raising Dust” at the Carroll Square Gallery spotlights five artists whose works incorporate clay, but none of the five artists—Akemi Maegawa, Melissa Mytty, Matthew Alden Price, Matt Ziemke, and Margaret Boozer—is content to simply turn clay into pottery. For each of them, clay or dirt is a starting point, not an end in itself.
Price turns acrylic, [...]

Reviewed: Jimmy Miracle at Flashpoint Gallery

Jimmy Miracle, a Florida-born, Washington-based conceptual artist, is nothing if not meticulous, as witnessed by his two projects currently on display at Flashpoint Gallery.
“The Rockaways” stems from a four-month effort in which Miracle rode his bike 13 miles from Bushwick in Brooklyn to Fort Tilden in Queens six days a week, gathering garbage and natural [...]

Reviewed: “Macho” at Cross-MacKenzie Gallery

The subject matter of “Macho: Considering Masculinity” could be the topic of numerous dissertations. (And it surely has been.) So a small gallery exhibit can barely scratch the surface of gender studies. But Cross MacKenzie Gallery, with help from a baker’s dozen of mostly local D.C. artists, make a game effort. National Geographic contributor Skip [...]