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Screen Vinyl Image’s New Release is Moody and Well-Constructed, But Predictable

Consistent to a fault, a new coldwave/shoegaze cassette from the husband-and-wife duo is a dutiful study of what an experimental electronic noise band should be.

ToDo ToDay: “The Power of Two,” Heavy Breathing, and a Mexican Celebration

It’s called “The Power of Two,” but more than one duo is behind tonight’s power-duet cabaret at Arena Stage. For starters, there’s the pair of singers who are reuniting for what should be a beautiful evening, Nicholas Rodriguez and Eleasha Gamble. They’re back to sing a show arranged by two theaters, under the direction of [...]

Living in Synth: A Flowchart (and Playlist!) for D.C.’s Electronic-Pop Scene

Guitars clang on in Washington, D.C. But they could soon be tied with synthesizers, computers, and weird sound effects.
The District has never lacked for synth-based music, but the last few years have felt like an especially fertile time for synthpop in particular; now we’ve reached the point where there seems to be one local synth- [...]

ToDo ToDay: Wiz Khalifa, Paperhaus, Screen Vinyl Image

If you’re planning to attend the Under the Influence of Music tour at Jiffy Lube Live, prepare to be met with a cloud of smoke. That’s to be expected from headliners Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky, who have been known to drop a weed reference or 12 on their tracks. Also worth rolling a joint [...]

ToDo ToDay: Seth Meyers! Barbecue Battle! Lumen8 Begins!

With his dimpled cheeks and twinkly blue eyes, it’s plain to see why Saturday Night Live’s head writer Seth Meyers is the object of Bill Hader’s affection. He’s been a mainstay at Studio 8H for a dozen years, and while he always entertains when manning the "Weekend Update" desk or channeling Anderson Cooper in a crisis [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Name Names

For densely made noise-pop—at least the local kind—you can't do better than tonight's bill at the Black Cat, featuring local duo Screen Vinyl Image, Fredericksburg compatriots Ceremony, and local upstarts Silo Halo. Down the street, DJ Name Names (that'd be Ian Svenonius) is spinning at Cafe St. Ex. It's moombahton night at U Street Music [...]

Free Download: 13 Songs Fan Death Does Not Hate

A couple weeks ago, we plugged a stocking stuffer from Fan Death Records that you can buy. Now, the Maryland label that loves to hate on your band—and which specializes in all things art-damaged, punk-touched, and button-pushing—has a Christmas gift that's free for the taking. Fan Death's 13-track holiday compilation includes selections from everything the label [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Philanthropy, You, Nero, yU

On the cover of this week's issue is our collaboration with the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington, wherein we recommend some important (and mostly tiny) nonprofits worthy of your charitable giving. This includes some art picks, like the African Continuum Theatre Co., the Atlas Performing Arts Center, Step Afrika!, and WSC Avant Bard.
Chris Klimek leads [...]

Listen to Two New Screen Vinyl Image Songs

Screen Vinyl Image, the Arlington goth-pop duo, is really, really good at synthy, disaffected cool. The group just released two songs from its upcoming full-length, and they kind of do to Screen Vinyl Image's most immediate touchstone—The Jesus and Mary Chain—what Curve did to My Bloody Valentine once upon a time: that is, add even more density [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Oppressive and Pretty

For the pleasingly named “ReFresh,” a show that falls smack dab in the center of the August doldrums, Long View’s big, cool space is arranged to feel like a glass of ice-cold water. The show, touted as “new work by some of the gallery’s best,” features appealing pieces that don’t fall under any particular theme, [...]