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What Your Summer Outdoor Film Series Says About Your Neighborhood

Nine to Five captures the workaday gloom of Golden Triangle, and AdMo should show pizza-themed flicks.

ToDo ToDay: Gems! Chilling on a Rooftop!

Over the course of several releases, local duo Birdlips came so close to mastering a kind of bright and folky island-bound Buckingham/Nicks sound. Core band members Lindsay Pitts and Cliff Usher darted down to Florida to record 2011’s One Tongue, appearing to finally settle on a vaguely French, darkened-around-the-edges coastal getaway vibe. Since One Tongue, Birdlips has morphed [...]

Arts Roundup: Drum Major Edition

Today, contractors begin removing the contested "drum major" quotation from the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. [AP via WJLA]
Wow: Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett tries to cancel a Fillmore show by Mexican group Molotov, saying the group's lyrics are homophobic. [Post]
Abeselom Hailemariam gets three years and four months' prison time for conspiring to steal from [...]

Screen on the Green Announces 2013 Films

Summer can officially begin now: Screen on the Green has announced its 2013 lineup. This year, as usual, the organizers have picked classics safe for the scrum of 15,000 viewers who camp out to watch movies on the National Mall every year.
The festival kicks off on Monday, July 22 with a screening of E.T. the [...]

ToDo ToDay: K-Pop Camp, Screen on the Green Ends

A five-day immersion camp in Korean culture sounds like something devised by the country north of the 38th parallel. But Hallyu Camp 2012 is a decidedly South Korean affair. Participants will learn about traditional Korean customs and social values, but the real hook is exploring how pop culture has exploded there since the end of [...]

Arts Roundup: Not Unenjoyable Edition

Dominic West doesn't want to tweet about The Wire. That's so rude. That's so...McNulty. [DCist]
Does anyone care about Screen on the Green anymore? For what it's worth, Screen on the Green says yes. [DCist]
Get ready for Adams Morgan Day, coming Sept. 9. [The 42]
National Building Museum minigolf course is not unenjoyable! [DCist]
Taking a tip from [...]

Screen On the Green’s 2012 Lineup, Assessed

Marvelous Market, ready your fromage selection: It’s almost time for Screen on the Green. As every local blog within a 25-mile radius reported yesterday, this year's schedule—packed with the usual classics—has been announced. But which justifies the Capital Bikeshare jaunt downtown? And most critical, how many brie wheels should you pack? A handy guide, below.
Monday, [...]

Don’t Be Bored: “American Sabor”

The traveling exhibit “American Sabor: Latinos in U.S. Popular Music” ambitiously attempts to explore the roles of Latino musicians in five cities’ music scenes from the 1940s to the present. It largely succeeds, without tending toward excess simplicity or obscurity. Stowed away on the lowest level of the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center, the program [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Drinking at Kennedy Center, Bootleg Shakespeare

Two of summertime’s most beloved Monday-night entertainment options, Screen on the Green and the Fort Reno concert series, are time-honored, wholesome traditions. But to some, they suffer from a couple drawbacks: They’re outdoors and alcohol-free. In swoops the Kennedy Center to provide a boozy, air-conditioned alternative: the new Millennium Stage [...]

Don’t Be Bored: Pictureplane, Big Boi

Pictureplane, the 26-year-old producer Travis Egedy, makes big-room music for small spaces. Tonight, touring on his clubbiest album yet, Thee Physical, he’s playing the least clubby of venues—Subterranean A, a private residence located around the corner and down a staircase from a cluster of actual nightclubs. But there’s no irony [...]