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Arts Roundup: Doin’ It After Dark Edition

Ron Charles' kaleidoscopic adventures through the world of BDSM-lit fandom. [Post]
In the former home of an NBA player in Potomac, Md., Lenny Campello detects some bad art. [Daily Campello Art News]
Scoutmob's vote for the District's official anthem: Mambo Sauce's "Welcome to D.C." They deemed "Rock Creek Park" too sexy. [Scoutmob]
Two new Animal Collective songs! [Pitchfork]
How to [...]

Watch: Swedish Band Covers New York Singer’s Ode to Washington, D.C.

Yesterday Scoutmob, the Jason Schwartzman of deal sites, put a question to its public (and to me on Twitter): What should the official song of D.C. be? Easy answer: "Chocolate City."
But at least one person recommended a solid indie-pop alternative (that, like "Chocolate City," was not penned by a D.C. native): The Magnetic Fields' classic "Washington, [...]

Radio Free D.C.

You've got a few more workday listening options, beginning this month. ESL Music, the label owned by local chill purveyors Thievery Corporation, launched an online radio station today, and it is so, so, so chill. How chill? So chill it's been playing the same chill loop—glossy keys, crowd noise, Rasta-voiced hypeman—since I tuned in like [...]

Arts Roundup: Horseshit Edition

Seven Dirty Words: We all know the WaPo is a family newspaper that prohibits foul language in its copy. But when it comes to certain pieces—like (my former colleague) David Malitz's four-letter-word-ridden interview with Psychedelic Horseshit—the censorship policy gets a little unwieldy. Fortunately Malitz has a good attitude about it, and turns in another interesting [...]