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Scout Niblett on Her Make-Out Album Cover, Talking to Herself, and Snow White

Skim through the lyrics of Scout Niblett’s latest album, It’s Up to Emma, and the common threads are pretty easy to spot: anger, disappointment, desire. Something—or more accurately, someone—went wrong. The album's seething vocals; downer guitar; and carefully deployed, aching string section bring it all to life. The simmering "Woman and Man" is a prime [...]

ToDo ToDay: Pere Ubu, Scout Niblett, and the New Duke’s Grocery

"Nonalignment Pact," the first track on Pere Ubu’s 1978 album The Modern Dance, has been a staple of my playlists since a college fling introduced me to the post-punkers. But Pere Ubu is more than that song’s growly, rousing chorus. Singer David Thomas, Pere Ubu’s only continuous member, has seen the release of dozens of albums [...]