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Photos: The Nels Cline Singers @ Black Cat

"Jazz Ruins Everything," read the sticker on bassist Devin Hoff's electric instrument, but if anything the Nels Cline Singers have gotten more jazzy, or at least less noisy, over the past couple of years. That didn't make last night's packed-house show (there may well have been more folks crammed into the Black Cat backstage than [...]

Tonight: Nels Cline Singers at Black Cat

You know him today as the lead guitarist for Wilco. But in fact, Nels Cline (along with his twin brother Alex) has for over 30 years been a major force in improvised music. Much of his work is far too experimental to comfortably be pigeonholed into jazz or any other genre; that said, Cline has [...]

Photos: Tanya Tagaq @ National Geographic

"I know it's weird," Tanya Tagaq said of her music on Friday night at National Geographic. Tagaq's emotional stage presence was both a strength and weakness, as she vacillated between cathartic release while throat-singing and vapid philosophizing while singing conventionally. Despite the low points, the performance, which mostly consisted of a single long [...]

Your Weekend in Experimental Music: Tanya Tagaq, Bored of Trade 5

Just the idea of an Inuit throat singer performing at National Geographic should be enough to pique the interest of many adventurous music listeners. But if that weren't enough, a mere list of Tanya Tagaq's musical associations should lead to outright fascination. To wit: Tagaq's latest record, Auk/Blood, was released on Mike Patton's [...]