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With Fish in Jars and X-Rays of Rays, An Artistic Dive into an Oil Spill

New York's Brandon Ballengée issues a cri de coeur for the 2010 Gulf of Mexico tragedy.

Meet a Visiting Cartoonist: A Chat with Jim Ottaviani

Jim Ottaviani is a former nuclear engineer turned librarian who writes non-fiction comics in his spare time. He specializes in writing books about science and scientists, then he commissions an artist to illustrate them. His first book, Dignifying Science, comprised mini-biographies of scientists. He followed that with Two-Fisted Science, focusing on women scientists. His other books [...]

Black Cat, Busboys & Poets Will Hold Haiti Benefits

Some local events, announced today, that will raise money for victims of the earthquake in Haiti—a catastrophe that the Red Cross says may have claimed 50,000 lives:

"DMV Helps Haiti" at Busboys & Poets: There will be a discussion, an open mic, and an auction featuring works by Demont Peekaso. Suggested donation: $10. Sunday at 6:30 [...]

Sunday: Wooden Shjips @ The Red and the Black

This Sunday Wooden Shjips will perform their first ever D.C. gig at the Red and the Black. And I'm at a loss for words–mostly because I've typed them all already. Well, all of the hippy-dippy ones, at least. Looking back at these two reviews (1,2), I realize that I've pretty much burned through my [...]

‘Blasting Dave Matthews the Whole Way’

Benoit Denizet-Lewis is so courageous. The author of America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life reveals his love for Dave Matthews in a piece at the Advocate, in which he doesn't attempt, not even a little bit, to redeem his affections with claims that DMB is good music.
Instead he quotes his therapist, whose [...]