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This Week In WCP Arts: Good Night, Warehouse

This week's arts section opens with Jonathan L. Fischer's story on the Warehouse, a crucial venue for electronic and otherwise underground music in D.C., that was recently forced to shut down after a shooting. It's not clear whether there's another space can fill the niche Warehouse did—there aren't many places in this town you can [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: “Da Butt,” Song Byeok, Basil Twist

Put your memory in motion! Sarah Godfrey has this week's cover story with an oral history of EU's "Da Butt," which became go-go's biggest national hit after appearing in Spike Lee's School Daze. Leading the arts section, Kriston Capps connects the dissident kitsch of North Korean artist Song Byeok to the work he did when he [...]

Scena Theatre’s Hedda Gabler, Reviewed

Hedda Gabler would never be caught dead wearing a hair scrunchie. Even if Henrik Ibsen had written his seminal drama in 1989 instead of 1889, his fastidious, fashion-conscious protagonist would not hastily twist her hair back with a tacky, fabric-covered elastic.
Yet a scrunchie is just what Hedda wears in Scena Theatre’s production of Ibsen’s parlor [...]

Far Out vs. Hot Dang, Vol. 39

In the not-so-distant future, people will express their D.C. pride not with a D.C. flag tattoo, but with a Far Out vs. Hot Dang tattoo. Maybe "FAR OUT" on one asscheek, and "HOT DANG" on the other? Yeah, that would be super nice.

Perhaps the biggest victims of hippies
Always entertaining to be reminded of dozens of [...]

This Week in WCP Arts: Silverdocs, Bob Mould, The Trip

A large chunk of this week's paper is devoted to Silverdocs, the massive annual festival of non-fiction films. But where 2010's event was heavy in somber, issue-focused films, the emphasis this year seems to be on lighter, and often more soulful, fare. That's what I write, anyway, in my lead essay. Benjamin R. Freed also [...]

Scena Theatre’s The Weir, Reviewed

The Weir, Conor McPherson’s exploration of Irish ghost stories, begins with a pair of classic Irish horror stories. First, and most deadly, the Guinness tap is broken. And then another scare: a woman—gasp!—is going to be dropping by the pub as part of the tour of the tiny seaside village she’s just moved to from [...]

“Is There Anyone Alive Out There?”: Scena’s The War of the Worlds, Reviewed

When CBS heads let Orson Welles bring the Martian-invasion fantasy The War of the Worlds to every living room in America the night before Halloween, they didn’t expect mass hysteria.  Sure, Welles wrote the play to sound like an actual emergency news broadcast about Martians landing in a real town in New Jersey, describing actual buildings [...]