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Chris Grier, Experimental Guitarist and Former D.C. Musician, Dies [Updated]

Chris Grier, an avant-garde guitarist who played in the noise-rock collective To Live and Shave in L.A. and was based in D.C. for many years, passed away at Brooklyn Hospital last night from a cardiac arrest due to a pulmonary embolism, which was caused by a clot in his left leg.
Tom Smith, who co-founded To Live and Shave in [...]

Photos: Avant Fairfax II

The lessened novelty, the rain and the timing – before local students have gotten back into the swing of things – all conspired such that this past weekend's second iteration of Avant Fairfax wasn't quite as well-attended as the first. But that didn't stop eight bands (and one filmmaker) from putting on an entertaining spectacle [...]

Avant Fairfax Returns Tomorrow

April's inaugural Avant Fairfax festival was such a success that the organizers immediately turned around and starting working on the next installment. The second iteration of the festival is now upon us, and will feature a diverse lineup of eight performers (from the folk stylings of Max Ochs to the psych-rock of Dark Sea Dream [...]

Avant Fairfax Redux: August 22

Apparently it's a big day for festival announcements. This afternoon, organizers Andrew McCarry and Chethan Kenkeremath unveiled the initial details for the next installment of their Avant Fairfax festival. Currently set to run on August 22 from 5pm until 1am, the first three acts announced are Max Ochs (check out a December 2008 interview with [...]