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Reviewed: Melissa Ichiuji at Galerie Lareuse

Political caricature is usually the purview of cartoonists. Melissa Ichiuji's recent work, however, dips a toe into the pool—though her pieces are more closely related to Honoré Daumier than say, Bill Day or his contemporaries. Of course, there is one principle distinction: Ichiuji's portrait busts are made from, among other things, ladies' undergarments.
"Fair Game," the series [...]

Arts Roundup: Please Make it Go Away Edition

Stuff White People Hate: So, some folks seem to be pretty worked up about that New York magazine interview with Tyler from Odd Future. 20-year-old raps about rape and hating gay people; offers an artistic mission statement far less intriguing than what critics have invented on his behalf for months; middle class, educated fans feel [...]

Newsweek‘s Working on a New Slogan; Does Anyone Care?

Sidney Harman isn't just the namesake of the home of the Shakespeare Theatre Company. The 92-year-old D.C.-area resident, stereo magnate, and husband to Congresswoman Jane Harman (D – CA) is also, as of three weeks ago, the owner of Newsweek. Harman bought the magazine from WaPo for $1 plus liabilities, which total approximately $71 million.
This [...]

Download: Garvey’s Wheel of Fortune Mixtape

Wale isn't the only D.C. rapper who released a mixtape last week. Garvey "The Chosen One" dropped his Wheel of Fortune—a game-show-inspired mix that starts off with a sample from the eponymous show's classic theme music. It's a mixtape full of firey verses like "I'm filling all you MCs with embalming fluid," over instrumental tracks [...]

For Your Viewing Displeasure: “The Real Housewives of D.C.”

So, I'll admit it: I fell asleep before I had the chance to watch last night's premiere of the The Real Housewives of D.C., so I can't offer you my own incisive critique of the show. I have, however, scoured the web for opinions on the first episode, and in general, they're not good.
WaPo's aptly [...]

Arts Roundup: ‘Sarah Palin Has A TV Show’ Edition

*TLC announces it has acquired the rights to air a new travel series called "Sarah Palin's Alaska," which showcases the former governor's view of the state. I can only assume it'll be multiple shots of Russia from her front door.
*GLAAD calls for the Tribeca Film Festival to remove the film Ticked-Off Trannies with Knives from [...]

This Week in Theater: Barack Stars: The Wrath of Rahm

Comedy troupe Second City's production of Barack Stars: The Wrath of Rahm (running through February 21 at Woolly Mammoth) plays with the ever-popular stories of the president and his crew. Much of the best work centers around Rahm Emanuel's ill-advised four-letter-word choices and inadvisable use of the "r"-word. Even though we've heard some of the [...]

Five Books I’d Read

In which the author briefly discusses five new books he’d read, if time permitted

1. The Collected Stories of Lydia Davis, by Lydia Davis.
Don't bother studying the jpeg—this book has a really, really intense neon-orange cover which cannot be reproduced on your computer screen. In fact, I wouldn't have glanced at this book twice if not [...]

Ted Leo Ain’t Digging Sarah Palin

Via Wonkette: