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Take It to the Bridge, Week 5: Sarah Levitt

There is a safety procedure for most disasters. Locate the nearest exit. Avoid exterior windows. Your seat cushion can be used as a flotation device. Pop quiz: What do you do when the ground beneath your feet suddenly gives way? Procedures for Ground Loss Safety, the fifth installment of the "Take It to the Bridge" [...]

Rest and Restlessness, Tonight on the Millennium Stage

To hear Benjamin Wegman tell it, he and Sarah Levitt started their new dance piece, which premieres tonight on the Kennedy Center’s Millennium Stage, pretty impulsively. “We were like, ‘Wouldn’t it be funny if we put a hammock onstage?’”
But it turns out that the piece, titled Hammock, is a little more involved than that. It [...]

A New Dance Exchange, Starting Sunday

Consider this Sunday night the public launch of a new, reimagined Dance Exchange. The Takoma Park company is going through a bunch of changes; most notably, its founder and artistic director Liz Lerman has left, and longtime company member Cassie Meador is now at the helm. She and the rest of the staff there have [...]